TF BANK hire-purchase

Are you currently furnishing your home but are lacking the resources to do so? None of us is foolish enough to buy cheap products and then expect them to last for years. TF BANK hire-purchase is popular and allows you to order high-quality curtain and awning solutions.

In cooperation with TF Bank, we offer our customers flexible hire-purchase conditions:

Pay for goods in instalments.

Hire-purchase terms and conditions:

  • Interest rate 0% for up to 6 months.
  • Down payment 0%.
  • Contract fee is €0.
  • The cost of goods purchased in instalments is 100–7,500 euros.

Customer requirements:

  • Customers must be 18–75 years of age.
  • Permanent official income (salary or pension) paid into their personal bank account.
  • No payment defaults.
  • Identity document (valid ID card, Estonian passport).
  • Permanent residence in the Republic of Estonia.

To conclude a contract for hire-purchase:

  • Contact the service provider.
  • In order to apply for hire-purchase, you must submit an identity document (ID card, residence card or an Estonian passport) in addition to the application.
  • The decision on the hire-purchase application is made immediately, after which you can sign the contract.
  • The contract fee is added to the purchase price.
  • Instalments are paid to the TF BANK AB (PUBL.) ESTONIAN BRANCH on the basis of an invoice.

For more information, please contact the customer service clerk.

Attention, this is a financial service! The hire-purchase service is offered by TF BANK AB (PUBL.) ESTONIAN BRANCH. Review the terms and conditions at the sales point or consult our expert. The monthly hire-purchase payment is €133.33 and the annual percentage rate of hire-purchase is 0% per annum on the following example conditions: cost of goods/services €800, down payment 0%, credit amount €800, interest rate 0% on starting amount per annum (fixed), contract fee €0, and the period of payment is 6 months and the sum of repayments is €800.