Warranty and maintenance


AS Sunorek products and installation have a 2-year warranty against defects. The warranty against defects is valid in the Republic of Estonia. The basis for the validity of the warranty against defects is an invoice or receipt confirming the purchase. The validity of the warranty against defects is subject to the installation, operating and maintenance instructions supplied by the manufacturer. Samples, descriptions and models are used for the approximate determination of product quality. The term of the warranty against defects runs from the moment the product has been delivered to the buyer. If defects covered by the warranty against defects are detected during the warranty period, the guarantor repairs or replaces the defective product free of charge. The warranty against defects does not exclude or limit the buyer’s right to exercise other legal remedies resulting from the law or the contract.


  • Defects in the material or coating of the product, provided that they have been stated in the instrument of delivery and receipt or reported immediately after detection and prior to installation, and the original packaging of the product is intact.
  • Mechanism, construction and manufacturing defects of the product.
  • The shape stability of the product (with a tolerance of 0.5%).
  • Installation defects caused by AS Sunorek.
  • Defects caused by AS Sunorek during transportation, provided that the defects have been identified at the time of delivery of the product.


  • Defects (incl. breakages) in the product or its parts that have occurred for the following reasons:
    • Transport arranged by the buyer (incl. physical crushing of the product or destruction of packaging)
    • Opening of the packaging by the buyer in a way that damages the product or its parts
    • Storage of the product by the buyer in conditions different from those specified (incl. excess moisture and wrong position)
    • Improper installation or connection of the product to the mains power supply performed by the buyer (incl. voltage changes and short circuits)
    • Incorrect or abnormal use of the product or overloading
    • Improper maintenance of the product, including noncompliance with cleaning and maintenance conditions
    • Alterations or additions to the product made by the buyer
    • Repairing of the product by unauthorised persons
    • Sinking of the building structure
  • Normal wear and tear caused by the regular use of the product (e.g. bleaching)
  • Specific characteristics of the natural material (e.g. knots, uneven tone, grain, flexibility, shrinkage)
  • Products that do not comply with the size limits
  • Maintenance and cleaning work (adjustments, greasing, oils, etc.)
  • Batteries
  • Products whose warranty labels have been damaged (stickers, seals, etc.)
  • Damage caused by force majeure


  • If any defects that are covered by the warranty are identified, please contact the seller at the address below or at the nearest sales office of the seller.
  • The buyer must submit an appropriate warranty document (an invoice or a receipt issued by AS Sunorek) and the following information: buyer’s name, contact details, order number (if possible), name of the defective product, time of occurrence of defect, description of the defect, claim.
  • Further use of the defective product is prohibited!
  • The product sent for repair must be packaged in such a way as to prevent further damage to the product and the product must not be dirty. The seller is entitled to refuse to accept a dirty product. Cleaning of the warranty product by the seller is subject to a fee.
  • If the defect is not covered by the warranty (see list: Warranty is not valid for), the buyer is required to pay for the work performed in accordance with the current price list of AS Sunorek.
  • The defective parts that were replaced free of charge during the warranty period belong to the seller.

Guarantor: AS Sunorek, Vabaõhumuuseumi tee 97, telephone +372 5331 4117, sunorek@sunorek.ee, www.sunorek.ee