Pleated blinds

Pleated blinds are stylish and timeless, the decorative fabric is what makes them so charming and adds attractiveness to any room. Pleated fabrics look striking in every room – when the blinds are pulled up the fabric is tightly stacked, when they are down the neatly pleated fabric covers the window.
Suitable for windows of different shapes (round, triangular, trapezoidal and rectangular).

  • Effectively blocks sunlight.
  • Balances the temperature of the room.
  • Possible to install even in the case of complex architectural solutions, e.g. skylights.
  • Possibility to operate them from the top down, bottom up or in combination.
  • Our selection includes more than 100 models of pleated blinds and more than 500 different kinds of fabrics.

Pleated blinds

Pleated blinds are suitable for windows of different shapes and sizes. One of the advantages of a pleated blind is that it can be installed inside the window frame, very close to the glass, thus the light gaps between the blind and the window are minimal. Pleated blinds can also hang freely in front of the window. The material selection for pleated blinds ranges from transparent to blackout.

Top down bottom up pleated blinds

Top down blinds have the advantage of ensuring the privacy of the people in the room, while still letting the light in from the top. Top down bottom up pleated blinds are only installed inside the window frame, close to the glass. The wide selection of profile colours also includes wood imitations and allows the blind to be closely matched with window frames of different colours and with the whole interior.

Pleated blinds with two fabrics

Pleated blinds with two fabrics offer a unique opportunity to use two fabrics with different properties or different colours in the same product. That way, the top half of the curtain can be made from a transparent fabric, while the lower half can be made from a semi-blackout fabric – this allows you to move the blind up and down and make the room darker or brighter, depending on your needs. Pleated blinds with two fabrics can be opened from the top down and the bottom up, and they are suitable for all rectangular windows.

Cellular shades

Cellular shades are made from a fabric that is formed into honeycomb shaped cells; they give pleated blinds a completely new look and also act as a very effective heat insulator. Cellular pleats have a special appearance because the vertical lift cords that usually run through the curtain are not visible. The cellular shade lift cords are hidden between the two layers of fabric, which is why the shade does not have rows of holes that are especially visible when the sun shines through them or when a blackout fabric has been used. The cellular shade maintains the room temperature because the air in the cells slows down the transfer of heat: in winter, this reduces heat loss, and in summer, it prevents the rooms from overheating more than any other curtains do.

Pleated blinds for roof windows and skylights

Pleated blinds are also suitable for roof windows and skylights.

Pleated blinds for roof windows and skylights offer the same opening solutions and features as traditional pleated blinds. In this case, cables are used to guide the fabric to prevent it from swinging and drooping when the window is opened or in the ventilation position. Draw rods or motorised systems can be used to open blinds that are high up and not easily reached.

Specialty pleated blinds

Pleated blinds can also be used in the case of different specialty windows. Specialty pleated blinds can be triangular, round or trapezoidal.