Top down bottom up blinds

Floor-to-ceiling windows on the ground floor, windows opposite each other and internal windows have created a need for curtains that can be opened from the top. By lowering the curtain only from the top to the desired height, we can let the natural light enter the room, while still keeping the window covered at the bottom. The curtains can be opened simultaneously from the top and the bottom.

Pleated blinds

Top down bottom up pleated blinds are only installed inside the window frame, close to the glass. The wide selection of profile colours also includes wood imitations and allows the blind to be closely matched with window frames of different colours and with the whole interior.

Textile roman blinds

Top down bottom up textile roman blinds can be installed both in front of the window opening and inside the window frame, close to the glass. The first option allows the entire window opening or large windows to be covered. In the second option, the blind is mounted on the window frame at the top and bottom and is exactly the size of the glass.

Bamboo and wooden roman blinds

Top down bottom up bamboo and wooden roman blinds are special because of their material. These blinds are decorative and are only suitable for filtering sunlight because the material is translucent and does not block the view. By blocking the sun from either at the top or bottom, we can still see outside, and likewise, in the dark it is possible to see inside.