Motorised curtains

Motorised curtains are an ideal choice if the windows are in an inaccessible place, the window is huge or if there are many windows in a row. The electric motors can be controlled with a switch, stationary or mobile remote control and by phone. In addition, power-operated roller blinds can automatically be controlled according to time, light and temperature. Automation helps improve security and inviolability of private life.

Battery-powered motorised roller blinds

A novel solution – convenient and easy to order, install and use! Good old, simple and practical roller blinds have received a modern and very useful upgrade in the form of a battery-powered motor. Since the blinds are battery powered, they do not require access to electricity at the installation location and can be installed anywhere without preparatory and electrical work. The new battery-powered roller blinds are operated by a remote control which is very convenient because you do not have to go and pull the chain to open and close the blinds. These new roller blinds have a unique and elegant design. The lithium battery and motor are integrated into the roller blind tube – they are not visible and the blind has regular dimensions and appearance. The rechargeable battery lasts about 6–12 months with one charge if the blind is rolled up and down twice per day. Fully charges in 4-5 hours.

Textile roman blinds

For textile roman blinds, we recommend a motorised system because in the case of heavy fabrics it may be difficult to manually control a curtain that is even slightly larger than a regular-sized curtain.

Textile curtains on motorised curtain tracks

Using a remote control to control the motorised textile curtains is a very convenient solution. It makes controlling large and heavy curtains much easier and protects the curtain from any damage that can occur when handled manually. The wireless motor is battery operated and a wonderful choice if there are no electrical connectors near the curtain tracks. The battery life without charging is 9 months. Standard equipment includes smooth start and stop, adjustable speed and touch motion, i.e. if you move the curtains gently, the motor activates. Compatible with smart home technology systems. In the case of electrically powered motors, access to electricity is required at the side of the curtain track where the control mechanism is located, either behind the track or within 1.5 metres. Our selection includes two low-noise motors with different operating powers and a weight load capacity of up to 60 kg.

Venetian blinds

Thanks to the wide range of materials – from wood to aluminium – venetian blinds look good in any style of room, home or office. Both battery-powered and electrically powered motors are available. The slats of the venetian blinds can be tilted and the blind can be moved up and down.

Vertical blinds

Motorising vertical blinds makes your life easier either at home or at work and saves time.

Pleated blinds

Motorised pleated blinds can be controlled with a remote control or a switch. It is possible to automate the closing and the opening of the windows with accessories.