Curtain rods and tracks

Curtain rods and tracks offer a variety of possibilities to hang textile curtains. Round curtain rods are decorative, remain more visible and are best suited for rooms where this is intentional. Curtain tracks can be installed close to the ceiling and, if necessary, they can be completely covered with curtains.

Extendable curtain rods

The length of extendable curtain rods can be adjusted within a certain range, thus allowing you to choose the exact length of the curtain rod during installation at home. Our selection includes curtain rods that are up to 3.8 m wide and with a diameter of 19–38 mm. A wide selection of colours and finials ensures that the curtain perfectly matches your home interior.

Aluminium curtain tracks

Aluminium curtain tracks come in a variety of shapes, sizes and colours. Most aluminium tracks are flexible, and ideal when it comes to rooms with curved walls, e.g. verandas, covering corner windows or for ending the curtain tracks with an elegant curve. The curtains can be moved on the tracks using a draw rod. Cord-operated curtain tracks are used to control curtains that are high up, heavy or inaccessible.

Plastic curtain tracks

Plastic curtain tracks are practical and inexpensive, they can have a single track or multiple tracks that allow you to hang several layers of curtains. Our selection includes stronger solid plastic tracks and more inexpensive hollow plastic tracks. The front of the plastic curtain tracks can be covered with a pelmet or valance.

Motorised curtain tracks

It is very convenient to control textile curtains, especially heavy ones, with a motorised system as it also protects the curtain from any damage that can occur when handled manually. Our selection includes wireless battery-operated motors and electrically powered low-noise motors with different operating power and a weight load capacity of up to 60 kg.

Wooden curtain rods

Wooden curtain rods are stained and laminated for the curtain rings to glide smoother and quieter. The diameter of wooden curtain rods is 28 mm and the maximum length is 3.6 metres. If necessary, it can be extended and made into a custom length curtain rod.

Heading tape with a glider-cord

The latest great innovation is the heading tape with a glider-cord that creates a smooth and flowing wave effect without the use of pleating tape. The glider-cord is used to make curtains that allow the fabric to hang in soft and continuous waves. In addition to the unique look that cannot be achieved with any other curtain tape or technology, these curtains are more convenient to use and maintain. The waves are fixed with the glider-cord at the top and they do not lose their shape even when the curtains are opened or closed – they are always uniform in appearance and never have to be adjusted manually. As the curtain itself is without pleats and folds, it is easier to iron after washing and thus the result is better. This new solution is ideal for modern, open-plan homes with big windows.