An affordable choice


A new special collection of discount fabrics for pleated blinds and roller blinds has arrived at our warehouse!

In addition to our main collection, the pleated blind collection offers our best-selling white and blackout fabrics with different structures. When it comes to our roller blind fabrics, we offer a new, very colourful collection that includes colours and patterns that have never been seen before. We welcome you to take advantage of this amazing opportunity before the new main spring collections arrive!

Discount fabrics

The discount collection of textile curtains is always on sale and offers more affordable prices compared to regular collections. The selection includes solid colour fabrics as well as interesting patterned ones, tulle fabrics, semi-transparent fabrics and side curtain fabrics for curtains or accessories.

A wide selection of affordable final-discount fabrics for roller blinds, pleated blinds and vertical blinds are on sale at all times. The offer is valid while stocks last.

Tulle curtain

A smart and carefully considered placement of tulle curtains and the amount of fabric in front of the window can help you save money. Light and airy curtains fit perfectly with all other additional curtains, such as roller blinds, pleated blinds, and side curtains made from opaque or blackout fabrics.

ECO pleated blinds

ECO pleated blinds are the most affordable pleated blinds in the Sunorek range because they are only available in the basic functionality. The ECO line does not include specialty or other dedicated solutions, however all models for regular windows and the corresponding opening methods – from the top, bottom, and top down bottom up – are available. ECO is suitable for installation on all standard windows.

Mini roller blinds

Mini roller blinds are affordable because when mounted on the window frame, they are smaller than regular roller blinds. A fabric roll with a smaller diameter can be used, thus the final price of the product is more affordable. The selection of fabrics for mini roller blinds is slightly smaller compared to regular roller blinds.