Children’s room

Safe window coverings for children

As parents, we want our children to grow up in a safe and secure environment. To prevent potential accidents, Sunorek has made all blinds safe for children. We have also developed solutions for making our existing blinds safer. Read more here.

Textiles and patterns

The furniture and the overall look of the children’s room helps stimulate the child’s development, as they spend the most time in their room growing up. We dare say that the design of the fabric is as important as its purpose. By combining interesting textiles and patterns and matching them with different textile products such as curtains, pillows and blankets, you can make the children’s room stylish and playful at the same time.

Interesting and diverse zebra blinds

Pulling the zebra blind chain turns day into night and vice versa. This unique and fun roller blind is ideal for children’s rooms. Different fabric tones and the intensity of the stripes allow you to create both softer and more contrasting colour solutions.

Fun details

Small details in interior design provide an opportunity to turn your ideas into reality and to brighten each day. Whether you have made a modern or a classic choice, the textile and window coverings in children’s rooms can easily be made more fun with simple materials. Combine colourful fabrics with solid colour bows or ribbons, or even different patterns with each other. Window coverings are the main source of colour for textiles in the children’s room. It is a good idea to choose roller blinds or pleated blinds because they are easy to maintain.

Bold colour solutions

A touch of colour in a light Scandinavian home makes it warm and bright. When it comes to home textiles, bold colour solutions are being chosen more and more – bright colours at home create a cheerful atmosphere and make even the cloudiest of days seem bright. It is a good idea to combine bold patterns and colours.