Blackout curtains

Blackout blinds are ideal for rooms where the lack of light is important, such as bedrooms. Closed curtains make the room dark, but if the room needs to be used during daylight hours, the blackout curtain should be combined with other curtains or combined curtains should be used. It is important to note that due to the structure of the curtain or the specifics of the room, there may be gaps between the curtain and the window, through which the light may still shine.

Roller blinds

Our selection includes blackout fabrics with a matching background and blackout fabrics with a white background. White background blackout curtains reflect the heat more effectively and keep the room pleasantly cool on a hot summer’s day. In order to achieve the best blackout effect with roller blinds, the blinds should be mounted above the window opening to minimise the amount of light coming in.

Textile curtains

Semi-blackout and blackout curtains are ideal for reducing the amount of daylight in a room. Light-coloured semi-blackout fabrics should not be used in front of windows that receive the most sunlight, as they might not block intensive sunlight as effectively. A very good result is achieved when a blackout side curtain is installed above the window opening as much as possible.

Cellular shades

Blackout cellular shades are made from a fabric that is formed into honeycomb shaped cells that allow the pull cords and cord holes to be hidden. Cellular shades have a unique appearance, and thanks to the air in the cells, they have great insulation qualities which reduces heating costs in winter.