Large windows

Strong curtains are suitable for large windows. Motorised systems are preferred since large curtains are difficult to control manually.

Vertical blinds

These curtains look modern, are suitable for windows of different architectural solutions, and satisfy both the aesthetic and technological requirements.

Panel blinds

Plain-looking panel blinds can be made more interesting by combining different fabrics, patterns and colours. Panel blinds made from textile or roller blind materials are perfectly suitable for use at home or office, as a room divider, or in front of cabinets and storage spaces.

Textile curtains

Textile curtains hung in front of a large window create a cozy atmosphere and effectively reduce echo in the room. By moving the curtains on the tracks, you can cover the window or the view according to your needs and desires. By combining transparent and opaque fabrics, you can create incredible pattern and light adjustment solutions.

Roller blinds

Large diameter fabric roll ensures the stability of the roller blind. An affordable alternative to motor control is the transmission mechanism that makes it easier to pull the fabric up manually.