Textile curtains

Textile curtains and a wide selection of fabrics for every taste! Using this timeless window covering is the easiest way to give your interior a new look. Textile curtains enhance the room and give it character; roman blinds, panel blinds, and simple and traditional side curtains made from fabric look good in every interior. Sunorek offers an almost unlimited selection of textile curtain shades and patterns – the only limit is your own imagination.

Side curtains

A broad range of side curtain fabrics provides countless opportunities to design widely differing interior spaces both at home and in the office. Unique decorative patterns and the way the curtains are hung add character to the interior space. Textiles are made of flame-retardant Trevira CS to make all interiors even safer. Developments in textile technology provide an opportunity to control the light, acoustics and temperature in the room with the help of simple textile curtains.

Tulle curtains

Transparent and airy tulle curtains offer privacy during daytime. Beautiful wavy curtains create a sense of home and go perfectly with all other additional curtains such as roller blinds, pleated blinds, and side curtains made from opaque or blackout fabrics.

Textile roman blinds

Textile roman blinds are minimalist and take up very little space. Depending on the fabric, the blinds can blend in with the wall or they can be spectacularly extravagant. When the blinds are drawn up using the mechanism, the fabric creates beautiful gentle folds which add a decorative element to the blinds and coziness to the space. Like roller blinds, chain-operated roman blinds are very convenient to use.

Panel blinds

If you want to cover large areas and create intricate and unique pattern and colour combinations, it is a good idea to use curtain fabrics as panels. The variety of ways the panels can move on the tracks allows the curtain to be used for different purposes, for example as a room divider, for creating privacy in the evening or to block direct sunlight based on the position of the sun.

Top down bottom up roman blinds

Top down bottom up roman blinds are new on the market – they have the largest maximum dimensions of all the top down bottom up blinds that have been available thus far and can easily be operated with a pull cord. The possibility to open blinds from the top down adds brightness to our rooms and is a wonderful solution for every space. On ground floor, the blinds still provide privacy when they are lowered from the top down but also allow natural light to come in from the top. This way, the evening sunlight can be filtered without making the room completely dark on upper floors.

Austrian curtains

Lush scalloped folds at the bottom give textile roman curtains a softer, more romantic look. If a chain mechanism is added to the curtain, the height of the scalloped folds of the Austrian curtain is adjustable.

French curtains

A curtain that best suits classic interiors and has horizontal pleats sewn into the curtain from top to bottom. This curtain is especially beautiful in front of big windows, and in this case, we recommend using the motorised system of roman blinds because due to the large amount of fabric involved, the curtain can be quite heavy.

Self-adhesive textile GECKO

GECKO textile material provides privacy and protection from excessive sun exposure and overheating. The fabric has a silicone coating on the back side and maintains its adhesive properties to glass surfaces even after repeated removal. Tests have proven that this unstructured material that adheres to float glass does not adversely affect the properties of the glass even in conditions of extreme sunlight, is resistant to UV radiation, and does not leave any residue on the glass when removed.