Venetian blinds

The main advantage of venetian blinds is that, by changing the angle of the horizontal slats, you can easily adjust the amount of light entering the room during the day, depending on the position of the sun. Venetian blinds allow the slats to be positioned in several ways: light can come in but you are away from prying eyes, or vice versa, the light is blocked but it is possible to see both inside and outside the room. Thus, venetian blinds are ideal for rooms that are in use all day.

Aluminium venetian blinds

Aluminium venetian blinds effectively reflect the heat, creating a pleasant and efficient domestic and working environment. To prevent the blinds from swaying and making a noise while the window is open or in the ventilation position, hold down brackets or cable guides are added to the venetian blind.

Aluminium venetian blinds 50 mm

We produce aluminium venetian blinds with different slat widths – from 25 mm to 50 mm. Venetian blinds are impressive as they create a unique play of light in the room, but they are also effective at protecting the interiors from daylight and temperature swings. For a decorative effect, regular string ladders can be replaced with cloth tape ladders that either match the colour of the slats or contrast it.

Venetian blinds for PVC windows

As a special solution for aluminium venetian blinds we offer a venetian blind model STYLE specifically created for PVC windows that perfectly matches the window frame. The result is immaculate and aesthetic; moreover, the fixings are invisible. Venetian blinds that are attached to the window frame protrude from the frame minimally, thus the window or door can be opened fully without damaging the curtain or the window trim. Cable guides are added to venetian blinds that are installed on windows that tilt from the top for ventilation, that way that the bottom bar of the blind will not sway or move away from the window.

Blackout venetian blinds

As the model name “Private” suggests, we minimise the amount of light entering the room with the openings of the lift cords to achieve a better dimming effect. The holes for the lift cords of the Private venetian blind run along the back of the slats, so that the amount of light coming through is minimal when the slats are closed. To achieve a complete blackout effect, the blinds should be made larger than the window opening and installed on the wall on top of the window opening. Available only for 25 mm slats. Aluminium Private venetian blinds with 25 mm slats are ideal for use in auditoriums, studios and classrooms (e.g. computer classrooms).