Curtain fabrics

Bringing curtain fabrics, textile weave effects and tasteful colours to your home or office will create a sense of comfort and add charm.  A diverse range of fabrics from the best European manufacturers and the development of technologies allow textile curtains to shine in interior design. Natural or colourful, airy or thickly woven, dimming or reflective – our selection includes curtain fabrics for every interior and every need. Textile curtains are always fashionable, it does not matter from which decade the pattern, design and colour is from. What matters is the atmosphere the fabric creates, which will accompany you at home while relaxing after a long working day, at a café while enjoying a piece of delicious cake or at a friend’s house while sipping a glass of wine.


Environmental protection, highest-quality production and excellent customer service – these are the most important objectives of the Czech company Ceskomoravska textilní. The Adwin trademark offers design solutions for customers who are demanding yet economical when choosing their textile curtains.


Sarlas S.A. is a designer of exclusive textiles in Greece, and places a great deal of emphasis on state-of-the-art technology and high-quality services. International trends are closely monitored to create extravagant and stylish yet affordable fabrics.


Saum & Viebahn is an international designer of textiles, specialised in high-quality decorative curtain textiles and upholstery fabrics. A strong design team with extensive experience in Germany has created a versatile collection that appeals to a broad market.


Their collection of curtain and upholstery fabrics includes a variety of styles – from traditional to very avant garde. The fabrics have been manufactured in European factories using the latest technologies. They are one of the largest curtain textile and upholstery fabric manufacturers in Germany.


The designs of curtain textiles range from modern etched patterns to classic Florentine tulle. Their priority is to offer good-quality products at an affordable price.


World-renowned KOBE offers a wide selection of curtain textiles and upholstery fabrics. The employees of this Dutch company have a unique passion for fabrics and their priority is creating innovative and outstanding products.


The textiles manufactured by Delius are suitable for almost every day-to-day challenge. By constantly monitoring the market, new properties for fabrics are being developed. Independent testing institutes have confirmed the excellent properties of this German manufacturer’s curtain textiles – they are blackout ready, flame retardant, sound absorbing and light reflecting.


Création Baumann is the leading company in the world for textiles in Germany, and designs, produces and sells high-quality furnishing textiles worldwide. They offer a wide selection of fabrics that comply with the most stringent requirements of public spaces.


Four generations in Sweden have created these curtain fabrics of excellent quality and passionate design that provide a creative environment, as well as good control of light and sound.


Top-quality upholstery fabrics from England that include both contemporary and classic designs.


Casamance takes inspiration from love and beauty: the modernity of the exclusive designs is distinctly colourful and sharp. This French brand creates unexpected combinations with modern design, sophisticated colours and materials.