Vertical blinds

Vertical blinds consist of vertical fabric slats that allow you to adjust the light and view by changing the position of the slats that rotate 360 degrees. There are a lot of different positions, which is why vertical blinds are particularly suitable for spaces that are used throughout the day and where it is necessary to constantly adjust the amount of light depending on the position of the sun. Vertical blinds can completely be moved to the side.

  • Vertical blinds are the most widely used window coverings in offices, but they are also ideal for home spaces.
  • Practical and diverse.
  • Vertical blinds look very impressive in large spaces
  • More than 500 fabrics to choose from
  • Create a pleasant working environment
  • Slats can also be made from aluminium, wood or plastic
  • Vertical blinds can be controlled by a cord or chain, a wand or, in the case of an electric motor, by a remote control

Black bottom chain

Vertical blinds are evolving and in addition to the attractive selection of fabrics, we offer black bottom chains and weights. Black accessories are suitable for use with dark fabrics, making the vertical blinds especially eye-catching. These blinds are an ideal fit for home interiors but will also add a little bit of uniqueness to office spaces.

Vertical blinds

Vertical blinds are suitable for use both at home and in the office. Large maximum dimensions and a variety of opening methods make them very functional. The vertical adjustment of the light allows you to direct the light as needed, and with a simple and quick fabric change you can easily update the design of the blinds.

Sloping vertical blinds

Vertical blinds are one of the few types of curtain that can be used non-horizontally for large sloping windows. The installation of such blinds is a relatively easy process. These blinds have the same functional and design characteristics as other vertical blinds.

Motorised vertical blinds

Motorising vertical blinds makes your life easier either at home or at work and saves time.

Vertical string blinds

Vertical string blinds are one of the most striking types of curtain that can be used in front of windows or as a room divider. Vertical string blinds are available in both pastel and bright colours. Vertical string blinds make the rooms look airy and playful, and they are suitable for both modern and traditional rooms.