Wooden blinds and bamboo blinds

Wooden blinds are perfect for people who like their interior spaces to look as natural as possible, using wide slats will make the blinds look even more majestic. Our selection includes wooden venetian blinds with 25 mm and 50 mm slats, wooden roller blinds and wooden roman blinds.
Wooden venetian blinds are as functional and as flexible when it comes to adjusting the light as aluminium venetian blinds – it is possible to let the daylight in and enjoy privacy at the same time – however, wooden blinds create a warmer, more homely feeling in the space.

  • Wooden venetian blinds are made of high-quality natural wood (linden) and bamboo.
  • Wooden roller blinds are made of bamboo, wood or jute.

Wooden venetian blinds for high humidity rooms

An innovative solution on the market – a white wooden venetian blind with 50 mm slats for use in bathrooms. This product is suitable for high humidity rooms because the mechanism is made from non-corrosive aluminium and the slats are made from PVC, although they look like white wood. The selection includes the colour white and 50 mm slats. Motor control possible.

Wooden venetian blinds (50 mm slats)

A new selection of colours chosen by Estonian designers. The newer and stronger aluminium headrail allows us to produce curtains up to 2.7 m wide, which is wider than before, and also reduces the noise level of the motor. In addition to strength, the curtain construction is also more stylish. Everything is in matching tones – from the mechanism to the materials.

Venetian blinds made from light stained wood or light natural wood make your windows look cozy, warm and airy. If you want to accentuate the historical interior of your apartment or house, you can choose wooden venetian blinds in darker shades. Venetian blinds with cloth tape look more grand and glorious. Motor control possible.

Wooden venetian blinds (25 mm slats)

A new selection of colours chosen by Estonian designers. Narrow wooden venetian blinds are more minimalist, create a cozy atmosphere and have the same number of options to adjust light as aluminium venetian blinds. The slats are made from very light wood – stained linden and bamboo – thanks to which even large wooden venetian blinds are easy to handle. When the slats of the wooden blinds are pulled up, a stack of slats is formed at the top of the blind which must be taken into consideration when opening or looking at the window. For a decorative effect, we recommend using cloth tape ladders that match the colour of the slats instead of string ladders. Motor control is only available for tilting the slats of the 25 mm wooden venetian blind, while the blind can be moved up and down manually.

Wooden venetian blinds for PVC windows

A new selection of colours chosen by Estonian designers. As a special solution for 25 mm bamboo and wooden venetian blinds we offer a model specifically created for PVC windows that can be mounted on the window frame and that also perfectly matches the window frame. The result is immaculate and aesthetic; moreover, the fixings are invisible. Venetian blinds that are attached to the window frame protrude from the frame minimally, thus the window or door can be opened fully without damaging the curtain or the window trim. Cable guides are added to venetian blinds that are installed on windows that tilt from the top for ventilation, that way that the bottom bar of the blind will not sway or move away from the window.

Top down bottom up roman blinds

Top down bottom up bamboo and wooden roman blinds are special because of their material. The curtains are suitable for blocking sunlight from the top, bottom or middle while still maintaining the view in and out.