For high humidity rooms

Only curtains made of special materials and that have aluminium and plastic mechanism components to avoid rust are suitable for high humidity rooms where the relative humidity is less than 60%.

Pleated blinds

In high humidity rooms, only pleated blinds made from special water-resistant fabrics can be used to ensure that the pleats do not lose their structure due to moisture. Specific fabrics and aluminium profiles ensure the functioning of the blind for years.

Roller blinds

Roller blind materials include mildew-resistant and water-resistant fabrics. Roller blinds made from mildew-resistant and water-resistant fabrics are ideal for bathroom windows and windows near the kitchen sink.

Self-adhesive textile GECKO

Self-adhesive textile GECKO is a material that can be attached to glass surfaces and removed and installed repeatedly. The fabric has a silicone coating on the back side and maintains its adhesive properties to glass surfaces even after repeated removal. This material does not adversely affect the properties of glass, is resistant to UV radiation and does not leave any residue on the glass when removed.