Roller blinds

Roller blinds are simple and practical window coverings that allow you to adjust the light and view by rolling the blind up or down. Since there are few possible positions – blinds rolled up, down or half-down – then they are better suited for spaces that are mainly used at certain times rather than throughout the day.

  • Roller blinds protect the interior from sunlight
  • Ensures privacy and balances the temperature
  • Nearly 500 fabrics of various textures, colours and levels of transparency (plain, patterned, light-dimming and thermal fabrics)

Roller blinds

Roller blinds require very little space when rolled up and thus cover a minimal amount of the wall or glass surface. Roller blinds can be made from a variety of materials: specially treated textile materials that range from transparent to blackout, bamboo materials, and screen fabrics. The construction of roller blinds is simple and requires no maintenance, thus ensuring a long service life for the product. The fabric can be cleaned with a duster or soft cloth and can be changed if necessary.

Battery-powered motorised roller blinds

A novel solution – convenient and easy to order, install and use! Good old, simple and practical roller blinds have received a modern and very useful upgrade in the form of a battery-powered motor. Since the blinds are battery-powered, they do not require access to electricity at the installation location and can be installed anywhere without preparatory work. The new battery-powered roller blinds are operated by a remote control which is very convenient because you do not have to go and pull the chain to open and close the blinds. These new roller blinds have a unique and elegant design. The lithium battery and motor are integrated into the roller blind tube – they are not visible and the blind has regular dimensions and appearance. The rechargeable battery lasts about 6–12 months with one charge if the blind is rolled up and down twice per day. Fully charges in 4-5 hours.

Zebra blinds

Zebra blinds have two layers of fabric with horizontal stripes that can be adjusted with a pull cord to make them transparent and allow the light to shine through or to make them opaque to block the light. When the stripes of the two layers of the same fabric are aligned, the blind is transparent and allows light to enter the room. When the stripes alternate, the blind is opaque. When the stripes are in the open position, the alternating sheer and opaque stripes diffuse direct sunlight while still allowing some light to shine through, when the stripes are in the closed position, they block the light and the view to the outside – thus they are suitable for spaces where privacy is needed from time to time. The blinds, like all other roller blinds, can be rolled up completely to reveal the window fully and let in maximum light. Zebra fabrics are decorative, light and airy – they are sure to make a design statement in every home or office. It is possible to mount zebra blinds on window and door frames without screws.

Screen roller blinds

Screen roller blinds are an excellent solution for office and living spaces that are located on the sunny side of a building. Screen or mesh fabric is a transparent material that reflects sunlight and heat, but allows light to enter the room and does not block the view. This creates a pleasant atmosphere in the room – the sun does not shine directly into your eyes, there is no glare on screens, but the room is still bright and you can enjoy the outside view. It must be taken into account that the blind is transparent and does not ensure privacy in the evening. When the screen blinds are drawn during the day, they protect the furniture from fading by blocking up to 95% of harmful UV rays.

NEW! Roller blinds for PVC windows

In addition to our product with plastic profiles, we now offer a product with aluminium profiles that is more durable and maintains its original appearance longer. We use laminated profiles that are more scratch resistant than regular painted profiles. Our selection includes colourful and wood imitation profiles for tinted or wood-coloured windows, as well as a model with zebra fabric. The advantage of this roller blind is that it perfectly matches the window frame – the blind inside the cassette and the side tracks form a unified whole with the window and almost go unnoticed. The blinds are directly mounted on the window frame, thus they are well-suited for windows and doors that need to be opened frequently. Thanks to the compact mechanism and the small dimensions of the protruding elements, the blind does not prevent the window from being opened in most cases. The semi-cassette protects the fabric from getting dirty and, thanks to the side tracks, the fabric will not start flapping in the breeze when the window is opened.

Roller blinds on a curtain track

Roller blinds mounted on curtain tracks can be moved up and down as usual and left and right on the track at the same time. We recommend this model for glazed balconies or balcony doors where it is necessary to move the blinds sideways to open the door or window, to pass through, etc. This roller blind is also suitable for use in high humidity areas. If screen fabrics are used, up to 95% of harmful UV rays and around 20–60% of the light are blocked, however the view to the outside remains.

Cassette roller blinds

In the case of a cassette roller blind, the fabric roll is located inside the cassette. The purpose of the cassette is to protect the fabric from dust, dirt and UV radiation, thus ensuring a longer service life for the blind. If side tracks or cable guides are installed on window frames, the curtain will not start flapping in the draught when the window is opened or in the ventilation position. Depending on the fabric and the selected operating mechanism, cassette roller blinds can be used either indoors or outdoors. Cassette roller blinds with blackout fabrics are indispensable products in interior design, especially if you want to create a completely dark room with no light gaps.

Mini roller blinds

Mini roller blinds are small blinds attached to the window frame. The window can be opened with the blind rolled down so it blocks the sun and the view at the same time, thus it is well suited for windows and doors that are opened frequently. Thanks to the small mechanism, it requires very little space for installation and allows the window or balcony door to be opened wide without damaging the wall or window trim. It is possible to mount mini roller blinds on window and door frames without screws.

Wooden roller blinds

Wooden roller blinds made from bamboo, wood or jute have a unique appearance and are suitable for use in rooms of different styles and purposes. The material used is thin – it diffuses the direct sunlight but does not block the view. We recommend adding a natural linen lining to the blinds to increase privacy and to block more light. It should be taken into consideration that the colour of the natural materials can vary, depending on the batch of the material.

Roof window roller blinds

In the case of special roof window roller blinds, the fabric is always attached to the window to prevent drooping. We offer two different models: first, the Skylight model that has side tracks and a tube inside the cassette, and second, a roller blind without a cassette that is fixed to the window frame or window opening with hooks. The Skylight model is also suitable for Velux roof windows. The Skylight is equipped with a reliable spring mechanism that allows the blind to be stopped at any position. In the case of roof window blinds that are fixed with hooks, the blind can only be stopped at the places where the hooks are installed on the window frame or opening.

Skylight roller blinds

For horizontal skylights we offer a model with two cassettes and side tracks. If a blackout fabric is used, the room can be made completely dark, whereas if a screen fabric is used, the maximum reflection of the heat is ensured.

Marine film roller blinds

For small crafts, we offer special roller blinds that are made from a transparent film-like material and are equipped with a spring mechanism. It is ideal for use on the navigation bridge since it maintains a completely clear view and reflects up to 90% of solar radiation. It is also suitable for other work and residential spaces where daylight and a clear view are essential but protection from sunlight is also required.